5 Ways To Recognize A Job Scam in Sweden

Unfortunately, this type of scams is very common in European non-EU countries. Here is how to recognize them:

bank note banknote banknotes bill
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  1.  You have to pay for an insurance, lawyer, translation or various taxes in advance. This is a 100% sure sign that your offer is a scam. You will never hear from these “employers” or “recruiters” once after they receive your payment.
  2. It is not defined if they talk about salary after tax (“netto”) or salary before tax (“brutto”), but it is assumed that it is the net income. This means that the scammer is from a country where net salaries are assumed (usually Balkans).
  3. An offer is not in Swedish kronor (SEK), but in euro (€). The scammers want to seem international, but actually they are, of course, unprofessional.
  4. The offer is too high. Not even the best construction workers get 45 000 SEK after tax. Maybe some do with a lot of overtime, but that’s another story.
  5. The “recruiters” have contacted you via Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber or SMS.

There are many other signs, more or less obvious ones, but this should be enough to identify common frauds.

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