5 Things To Know About Open House Stockholm

1. Open House is an annual event organised to raise awareness about of the value of good architectural design. In practice, that means that you get to see a lot of places usually hidden from the eyes of general public.

Royal Waiting Room

2. It’s for free! Yep, no entrance fees, no tour fees, it does not cost a single krona.

Pionen Data Center

3. Sometimes you have to register in advance. That’s why we recommend following them on FB to immediately be notified about new open houses.

Swedish Academy

4. There are different buildings every year. Last year, we went to the hidden royal waiting room at the central train station, and a data center deep below 30 meters of granite, featuring fountains, greenhouses, and a huge salt water fish tank. This year, we chose the Stock Exchange Building (Börshuset), now the home of the Swedish Academy, where they selects and announcs the name of the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature; and a nuclear reactor under the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Concrete casting workshop

5. Sometimes, it’s not all about open houses. That’s how we got to try casting concrete!


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