5 Types Of Housing Tenure In Sweden

1. Apartments in housing cooperatives (bostadsrätt). One of the main forms of house ownership in Sweden. If someone tells you they own an apartment, they most probably own a share in a housing cooperative (bostadsrättsförening or brf). Membership in a housing cooperative gives right (bostadsrätt) to inhabit the apartment corresponding to the share for an unlimited time. The apartments (actually, shares) can be bought and sold freely, but you usually need your brf‘s approval to rent an apartment.

2. A leasehold estate (hyresrätt). This is the second most common form of a housing tenure. These apartments are meant to be rented. Subletting is usually illegal or limited. No one is allowed to sublet for a higher price than they got it for at the first place. In case you have problems with your tenant, landlord or a “subletter”, you can get help from regional rent and tenancies tribunals (hyresnämnden).

3. A condominium (ägarlägenhet) are extremely unusual in Sweden. Unlike bostadsrätt, a condominium is regarded as a real estate in full ownership.

4. A cooperative leasehold estate (kooperativ hyresrätt). These apartments are usually not on the open market. When moving out, a tenant is reimbursed for their contribution to the cooperative.

5. Student apartment (studentlägenhet). This is a type of a leasehold estate planned for students. Many agencies have separate queues and rules for students.

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