All You Need To Know About The Recruitment Train To Hudiksvall

1. You probably wonder what is a recruitment train (rekryteringståg). The Trade & Industry office of this charming Swedish town has organised an event which works as a meeting platform for employers in the Hudiksvall area to meet with prospective employees. They chartered a return train from Stockholm to Hudiksvall so that everyone gets an opportunity to easily check what so called Happy Hudik (Glada Hudik) has to offer.


2. Some companies started showing their interest already after you applied to the event, and some were available for a chat (or an interview) on the train. The real thing has started on the career fair in Aktivitetsfabriken (“The Activity Factory”). No matter if you were a nurse, engineer or an economist, Hudiksvall has a wide rang of jobs available. They produce all from packaging for Apple products to hydraulic pumps.

3. If that was not enough to convince you to relocate to the coast of the Bothnian sea, a local actress, scriptwriter and director treated us with her dramatic guidance of Ystergård farmhouse in nearby Forsa parish, but also an impressive lecture in the history and culture of Hudiksvall and surroundings.

4. Although one could have spent all of their time at the fair, since everything is so near, it was easy to check out a scenic harbour or take a quick walk to hug a heated statue of a beloved actor from Happy Hudik. The statue is heated so anyone can feel his warmth even after his death.


6. The ticket to the recruitment train (188 SEK or €17.8) covered all the expenses, including three meals and, of course, the entrance to the fair. Meanwhile, just a congestion tax and a parking fee when going on an interview in Stockholm could cost you more than that.


7. On the way back to Stockholm, all the passengers got an amazing goodie box which represents the region of Hälsingland both by its delicious and charming content, but also by the beautiful box itself, where the outside presents a typical house of the region and the inside pattern introduces a classic wallpaper of Hälsingland.


8. They even thought of all of us who are into Nordic Noir and a crime novel where the story takes place in Hudiksvall was handed to us by no less than the author herself. Nothing sounds better than a murder in Happy Hudik!


9. At the fair, we had an opportunity to hear four people who moved to Hudiksvall for different reasons, but we also had to notice that even locals who were not involved in the organization of the event were helpful and friendly. It was easy to start a conversation with neighbours at the dining table, or with a cashier at the market.


10. Hudiksvall is planning to grow from 15 000 to 50 000 citizens by 2050. They have already started by building 700 new flats and creating this carefully organized event. We wish them all the best and much longer train next year!


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