5 Steps To Speed Up Your Swedish Citizenship Application

Currently, waiting times for a decision at Swedish Migration Agency can be over two years. Since 1st of July 2018, there is a new way of speeding up your Swedish citizenship application. The same process can be applied to any other case at any Swedish governmental agency.


  1. Wait for 6 months after your application.
  2. Download “Request to conclude a case” (Begäran om att avgöra ett ärende)
  3. Fill it in and sign it.
  4.  Scan it and mail it to migrationsverket@migrationsverket.se, or send it by post to Migrationsverket, 601 70 Norrköping. We recommend to send it by registered mail (rekommenderat brev).
  5. In less than 4 weeks (usually only one), you will get their decision! Congratulations!

Considering the waiting times, after the fourth step, you will probably get a letter with the instructions to send back your passport which you had been keeping at home for 6, 16 or maybe even 26 months. You have to send it back in a week since the letter was sent to you, and they will answer in no time.

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