5 Swedish Cities With The Lowest Tax

Swedish municipalities may apply income tax rates of over 35%. Stockholm has one of the lower taxes with its 29.98%, but there are definitely better places to save your money.

5. Danderyd is a municipality north of Stockholm. It is one of the smallest municipalities of Sweden, but the most affluent. Not surprising considering that a few Swedish princes were born there. The tax is 29.43%.

4. Österåker is one more municipality near Stockholm, in the picturesque Roslagen area, with the same rate as Danderyd, 29.43%.

3. The third place goes to one more of Stockholm’s neighbours: Solna, and the rate of 29.20%.

2. Kävlinge, located north of Lund in the southermost Scania (Skåne) region, takes 29.20%, the same as Solna.

1. The winner isconsidered to be the best place to live in southern Sweden: Vellinge Municipality (29.19%).

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