5 University Courses Still Open For Application In Sweden

  1. Harry Potter And His Worlds, 7.5 ECTS, Linnaeus University
    The course provides knowledge of J. K. Rowling’s authorship and intermediary perspectives on Harry Potter and his worlds, especially film and literature. The course includes studies of the fantasy genre.harry potter book and black headphones with trinket
  2. The Cultural History of The Television Series: From Serial story to HBO, 15 ECTS, Linnaeus University
    The aim of the course is to increase knowledge about the history of the TV series through indepth study of individual works and their relationships to broader issues of morality, violence, place, identity and death. Sounds like fun! 
  3. Astrid Lindgren’s Works, 7.5 ECTS, Linnaeus University
    Because who doesn’t like Pippi Longstocking
  4. The Esthetics of Blasphemy: From Genesis to The Satanic Verses, 7.5ECTS, Karlstad university
    Someone has to write lyrics for all those Scandinavian metal bands. 
  5. Digital Startups, 15 ECTS, Umeå University
    This could be a perfect course towards your success in Sweden, the startup capital of Europe.

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