Five Free Places To Cool Off In Hot Summer Days In Central Stockholm

It’s been hot for weeks, but Stockholm cafes are not ready for the summer. Not only they don’t have air-condition, but they don’t even have have fans. Where to hide from the sun?

  1. Medieval Museum. Learn all about the town’s development in the Middle Ages, while having a rest from high temperatures in their underground premises. Free admission and the central location right in front of the palace.
  2. The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities. They have to keep sarcophagi and mummies cool, and they will keep you too. Free admission. Recommendable cafe on the top floor with the view of the palace and the opera house.
  3. The Royal Armoury. Explore Sweden’s royal history and cool off in the dark cellars of the Royal Palace. Free admission.
  4. Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset). With its spacious courtyard and high walls, this beautiful example of national romanticism will offer you a lot of shade near the water, with an amazing view.
  5. If it’s still too hot for you, jump into the water. The most central beach in Stockholm is Smedsudd Beach (Smedsuddsbadet) on Kungsholmen. There is a little dock, toilets, a nearby parking space, and it is suitable for children and for people with disabilities. You will probably see people swimming even more near to the city, already at popular Rålis (Rålambshovsparken).

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