5 Ways To Recognize a Rental Scam In Sweden

Unfortunately, frauds on the housing market are not an uncommon thing in Sweden. Prospect tenants get tricked into paying a fee in advance, but the apartment either does not even exist or it cannot be rented.

person giving keys on man
  1. The rent is too good to be true. If you found a three-room apartment for the price of a small room, it’s a scam.
  2. The landlord refuses to meet you. Of course, they always have an excuse. Maybe they live in Japan. Maybe they sail the Carribean. Or it is just a plain scam.
  3. You are supposed to pay a deposit in advance before signing the contract, usually through a service like Western Union.
  4. They don’t ask about you. Serious landlords usually check your income, job contract, previous landlords’ recommendations, ask about your habits, or at least something of all that.
  5. They are in a hurry to close the deal. They don’t want to give you time to check if they are the real owners and allowed to rent with their housing cooperative (bostadsrättsförening) or they hope you will forget to do a reverse Google image search of the beautiful pictures they sent you (usually stolen from various real estate sites).

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