One Universal Hack In Sweden

If someone told me there is a universal hack for one whole country, I wouldn’t believe them. Yet, after a lot of discussions with my friends, colleagues and family, it seems to be true. There is one universal hack, and it looks like it works everywhere, in a job hunt, solving red tape problems, searching for an accommodation or enrolling a course.

You read all the advice, you followed all the rules, and yet something still does not work. They have never contacted you after your job applications, landlords ignore you, and you course application got lost. What to do?

black rotary telephone at top of gray surface
Photo by Pixabay on

Call them!

Be polite and friendly, yet straightforward and determined. It will help you to be remembered, get more information, exercise your rights, leave an impression of an interested and driven person, and you will stand out.

I had my e-mails forwarded for months from a person to person, but when I finally called them, all of a sudden a solution was found.

Finally, since a great majority of Swedes speak at least some English, you don’t even have to be scared about Swedish!

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