How To Hack Cold Swedes

Some expats say Swedes are as cold as their weather. You don’t know how to find new friends, your neighbours barely mumble a “hej”, all the colleagues are much younger or much older, there is no one playing basketball in the hood… How to break the ice? Here is our ice-breaking hack:

Join a club. What kind of a club, you are asking? Any club! Half a million of Swedes sing in choirs. Probably a million are members of various running (marathons, orienteering, running with babies – just ask for it) clubs. There are board game clubs, volunteering associations, neighbours’ associations, flat owners’ associations, political parties, NGOs, amateur theaters, student unions, learning circles, language circles, church groups… There are 200 000 non-profit organizations in Sweden, and you will have a hard time finding a Swede who is not a member of one of them.

full frame shot of snowflakes

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