Five Salary Hacks

It is not easy to get an impressive salary or a salary raise in Sweden. However, HackSweden is here to the rescue!

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  1. Know your numbers. Get informed by all possible means, both about general income statistics and about personal incomes of your colleagues from your company or in the same field. More about this will be explained in future articles.
  2. Know your words. Before tax or after tax? Payroll tax or employee tax? Municipality tax or state tax? Percentages or absolute values?
    HackSweden’s salary glossary is coming soon, so stay tuned!
  3. Always ask for more. No one ever will offer you more, and you have to anchor their numbers to the higher value.
  4. Your manager is limited to give you no more than 3% salary raise, and you think you can’t do anything about it. But, don’t forget the perks: ask for courses, conferences, health insurance, more vacation days. Many companies would rather pay a 30 000 SEK course than give you 30 000 SEK of a salary raise.
  5. Change your job! All the stats show that the highest raise is achieved after changing a job. Always be ready to take a new challenge.

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