Five Job Search Hacks

1. Set an alert on LinkedIn limited to Sweden. Go to LinkedIn, type in “Sweden” into the location box, and then click “Create Search Alert”. Choose how often you want alerts and how to get notified (e-mail or mobile/desktop notifications). Unfortunately, LinkedIn has a bug: it does not count Stockholm into “Stockholm county”, so you have to make two separate alerts for both.
Create search alert

2. Check all the Swedish sites even if you are not able to speak Swedish. Careebuilder, Jobbsafari, Monster or TheLocal.

3. Do not forget companies’ sites. All the big companies (Ericsson, Volvo, Sandvik, etc.) have their own career sites and they don’t always advertise elsewhere.

4. Don’t wait for ads explicitly for expats. As an EU-citizen, you can apply for almost any job like Swedes, and those you cannot apply for – you are probably not even interested in, e.g. Swedish Armes Forces. Even non-EU citizens have high chances in many areas.

5. Offline search! Network, network and network! Personal contacts are more valuable than a hundred of job applications. Contact everyone you know in Sweden, even if they are not in the same field as you are. Maybe they know someone, maybe their sister knows someone – a word of mouth marketing is worth your weight in gold!

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